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Poll: How often do you gather with Christians?

iStock_000009230566XSmallOn average, how often do you meet with an official gathering of your local church on a weekly basis?  Sunday assemblies? Home fellowship groups? Mid-week Bible studies?  Take this poll.

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  1. too many times…we need to stop meetin-and-educatin…..and start….servin-and-bein…….stop collectin-too maintain-the aquarium…………and start taking care of the needy…..

  2. Many say that they want Jesus but not His church (a kind of “solo” Christianity”.) On the other end of the spectrum, historians speak of early Christians meeting together on a daily basis. What are your thoughts about the necessity of fellowship and encouragement?

  3. If you’re down, there’s no better place to be than with brothers & sisters in Christ to praise God and ask for comfort and strength to overcome. If you are joyous, there’s no better place to be than with brother & sisters in Christ to praise God for all he’s done for us. Nothing better than joining hearts, minds and voices to worship the king. United, there is power.

  4. Our family goes to a congregation with about 30 people on Sunday morning and afternoon. Then we go to congregation with about 100 on Sunday evenings. After that we go to pizza with them, and then a bible study on Monday nights.

  5. I think that most of us have plenty of time to meet often with the assembly and to serve others. It all comes down to priorities and where we place our time. Sometimes I think two days a week is surely not enough time together. It is a tough world out there.

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