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New Praise & Harmony Album: Only God

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The new Praise & Harmony CD, entitled Only God, contains 25 contemporary worship songs.  As with the entire Praise & Harmony Series, the package is bundled with two CDs; one with the hundreds of worshipers and the second, very valuable Vocalist Training Disk.  The training disk allows people to isolate one part at a time in order to learn how to sing alto, tenor, bass or soprano.  Since most people learn “by ear,” we are excited about this tool that churches are using to teach four-part harmony, even to the non-musical folks.  The training disk makes the process easy, through repetition.  Combine individual (and daily) usage of the training disk with weekly classes (best if everyone sits in their “section”) and you have a powerful combination to make significant strides in a church’s singing, and more importantly, in their overall participation in worship.

There are many solutions offered for the problems that plague mankind; but only God provides the true remedy.  In fact, Jesus confirmed that He is “The way, the truth and the life.”  Join us in celebrating the salvation that is found in the Christ.

“I was so lost, but You showed the way, because You are the way.”

“I was lied to, but You told the truth, because You are the truth.”

“I was dying, but You gave me life, because You are the life.”

“Christ above me, Christ beside me, Christ within me ever guiding, Christ behind me, Christ before, Christ: my love, my life, my Lord.”

“In Christ alone my hope is found . . .”

“You are the holy One – You’re the one, You’re the ONLY ONE.”

So, “You better take the Lord with you everywhere you go.”

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  1. Could you give me more information on how you do the training disk? This is part of a dream we have had here for the Netherlands for a very long time, but I am not up enough on the technology. Are the parts simply separate mp3’s. How do you fit so much on one cd? (25 songs x at least 4 voices)
    Don’t know if you have time to answer this and couldn’t find another way to ask. Thanks if you are able to help. This is so needed in helping members to praise and worship the Lord!

  2. Hey Keith,

    I have been following you/Acappella for years – since roughly 1984/5 – and thoroughly love the Praise & Harmony series. I just got the ‘Only God’ album, actually was going to try and record with you on that one but had a hard time finding a quartet from San Diego – but I really love it. A cappella music has been such a part of my background/church culture that it’s so very welcoming to me to hear it. Thanks for you work to keep putting out some great congregational music – love it!

  3. melanie williams

    Hi Keith, I have been a fan since childhood. My parents would travel from Vredenburg to Port Elizabeth, in South Africa (back then it was a 12 hour drive). And we would listen to the hymns on tape.
    I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I would love to get hold of Only God cd, I can’t order off your website as I dont have a credit card.
    Is there a place in South Africa I can order from?
    I would really like to have this CD, especially the training CD. I have No idee what voice I sing in.
    Could you please let me know? I will always be a fan!!!

    • Melanie,

      I’m the Business Manager for The Acappella Company. Send me an email to my work address – brent@acappella.com – and I will send you information as to how we can take care of your order and get Only God sent to you.


  4. love the songs

  5. Hi Keith,

    Thanks so much for the Park Plaza story – very inspirational!

    I’m interested in the training disks which I hope to encourage our congregation to use, but don’t know where to begin. Our members are mostly older people so we like the traditional songs, but we do incorporate some contemporary ones as well. Any suggestions?
    God Bless!

    • I suggest that you choose a CD, fore example the first CD we use when we conduct a singing / worship workshop for the first time for a congregation is the AWESOME GOD CD. It’s available here: http://theacappellacompany.com/awgoacwo.html

      Set up a regular class for learning to sing in harmony. Seat everyone in sections according to voice part: sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. Make it fun. Play the “TRAINING DISK” for everyone to listen to a few times before singing along. You can also use sheet music or slides to reinforce the music. After the class, encourage everyone to use the training disk on their own time to reinforce the class. In this way, you can learn new songs, teach people how to sing harmony and greatly improve your singing.

      If you want to use hymns instead, use the CD HOLY GOD found here: http://theacappellacompany.com/holygod.html

      Hope this helps!

  6. Keith my name is Andrew Edwards you know my brother from Tulsa Oklahoma David he muscular dystrophy soul winning work shop. I was trying to get hold of you. Please contact me

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