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Acappella Babies – Early Child Development

It has been theorized that children learn music much the same way they learn language. Early exposure to vocal melodies and harmonies can train the ear to recognize the language of music.

The Acappella Company has a 30-year history of producing award-winning, all-vocal music. In this DVD, rich and complex harmonies are paired with visually stimulating imagery to attract the attention of babies and toddlers alike. Song selections from TAC albums including Acappella Classycal, Acappella Children, Acappella Melodies and Acappella Lullabies have been compiled on this new DVD series to introduce your baby’s ear to the intricacies of vocal harmony, while engaging their minds with playful scenes of nature, animals, vivid colors and motion.

This DVD series was conceived and developed by Melissa Lancaster, daughter of The Acappella Company founder Keith Lancaster. Melissa was born into the tradition of a cappella music and was exposed from infancy to the sounds of pure vocal harmonies. Melissa believes that this early exposure trained her and many others like her to be able to easily identify musical intervals. Melissa has studied music including voice, piano and guitar for over 20 years and now follows in her father’s footsteps, working full time with The Acappella Company.

Like her father, Melissa believes that the human voice is the greatest of all instruments and is passionate about preserving the art of a cappella harmony for future generations.

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5 Comments for “Acappella Babies – Early Child Development”

  1. dacian goicovici

    I am from Romania Europe. I am verry interested in buying this CD. Will the tracks be available for digital download ? From previous experience, shiping CD’s, takes a long time.

    Thank you.

    • Hey there Dacian,
      We are thinking about making this available in digital format. Not sure how soon that would happen but it would be an ipad/ipod mpeg4 or quicktime version that would be smaller than the original. Thank you so much for your interest and God bless you :) :)

  2. I am so excited about this. I am ready to use this with our 7 year old and the kids at church. I think churches of Christ have a ministry opportunity by sharing acapella in our communities and maybe opening doors to share the gospel.

  3. Want this, how much it cost me to get it!!! please let me know. thanks.

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