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Would You Swap Your Voice Range?

Photo by Richard Hooi – Do you know your vocal range? (Are you a bass, tenor, alto or soprano?) Secondly, are you happy with your range, or do you wish you had a different range? I ask this because I know a lot of tenors who wish they were basses. I find a lot of basses who wish they could sing high tenor. What about you? Are you happy where you are, or would you prefer a different range?

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  1. I still am not sure if I am a soprano or alto, I can sometimes hit the high notes and sometimes the low but I am never sure of either. I wish I knew my range properly, I would be happy to know where I actually fit.

  2. I sing in my own range..unforgently:((

  3. I sing alto and tenor but my range is soprano to tenor. (I don’t sound as good as a soprano – but there are just some songs that … well – we sing as the Spirit moves – right? )

    I’m happy with the voice/range I’ve been blessed to receive.

  4. Johnny D. Hinton

    This is another case in point about thanking God for our diversity in the body. We must learn that each part must do its share. No one is superior or inferior… just different. However, most of us probably could use a bit of training to do better with what we have. In pursuit of excellence.

  5. I Recently (about 3 months ago) found a gift in me, which was the writing of songs (4-part songs). I’m a natural tenor singer. I found out 1 thing; i LOVE the Bass line SO MUCH! In most of my songs i somehow add more spice to Bass when compared to other parts. Though i can sing all d parts, but say, a song is in Key A flat or B flat, Soprano’s Doh’ will b difficult for me. So also if the Key is D or E, Bass Doh will b difficult. In summary, i appreciate my Tenor gift, but if i am given the opportunity to change, i’ll go to BASS. GOD’s blessings to you all.

  6. I would never in a million years change what God has given me. I sing Tenor/High Tenor. I love the versatility of switching parts. I do love to listen to some good smooth bass though!

  7. I’ve been blessed with a 2 and a half octave range. The only thing I would change right now is the amount of practice that I don’t do. I’m not as strong in Soprano as I would like to be, but it’s because I don’t practice.

    The other thing I would change is more of an attitude. As a member of the church of Christ, I’ve always been able to read music. I would change myself where the ability to read the music wouldn’t get in the way of actually enjoying the music or worshiping with it. Sometimes knowing that what’s written isn’t what’s sung drives me bonkers.

    • I hear you Melinda! Reading the music on the page and hearing it sung differently does the same for me!

    • I definitely understand you Melinda! I struggle to sing the words and understand the meaning. I’m usually just making sure I hit the right note.

  8. I dont want to swap what I have been given. Just want to strengthen and perfect what I have. Though I love certain parts on certain songs more as i find they are either beautiful or a lot of fun.

  9. I’ve always been a tenor and been happy to be so. In fact, I’ve always wished I could sing higher and louder.

  10. I’m happy with my range, it’s my lung capacity that I struggle with. After having two kids two years apart it never did fully come back. Any suggestions?

    • I wonder if certain types of regular exercises would help this? Good question.

      • Keith:
        This is an often neglected topic. Similar to a discussion on the care of vocal chords in the Worship Leader Institute, this would be a great topic as well. Gotta remember those core muscles and proper posture!

    • To the question on lung capacity, it’s the core muscles (diaphragm) that can help with that. They’re the anchor and the engine that even make breathing (not to mention singing) possible. Very often after kids those muscles become weaker (in particular after a C-section). Check out the Mayo Clinic website that can help with simple exercises. Many times we try to use the throat to push out those notes.

      The human voice is an amazing instrument. It’s a wonder that God put together all of the parts from lips to diaphragm to enable us to sing praises to Him!

  11. Ya git what ya git, and ya don’t throw a fit. (kindergarten classroom wisdom)

  12. When I started I sang tenor in the youth choir. In the quartet I sang baritone and sometimes bass. Today, I sing bass in a group on my church. In fact I sing from 2nd tenor to bass (B)

  13. i sing 2nd tenor and baritone and a bite of first tenor but i wish i could a high tenor like zachary

  14. Tenor, but I do wish I had a little more upper range.

  15. I’m a little late to this discussion but such is my lot. While I sometimes wish I could sing the lowest lows AND the highest highs, all I really need to be able to do is to sing, whatever the note.

  16. Steven Preston

    Well I’m a high alto\soprano but I can sing some low notes too and some times it’s like I pull out a bass voice from no where and its not normal low it’s like the lowest sound a tuba can what does that make me? Oh and I love to sing a AVB classic Won’t let go it’s right in my range.

  17. I’m Baritone, but I wish to be a high tenor or a deep bass!

    I can reach some low notes but its not enough.

    Great Post Keith ^^

  18. I have sang tenor all my life, sing some baritone, but would love to sing zachary tenor————–high when I need it.

  19. I’m a high tenor, I think. I’ve got the kind of voice that even when unpolished, it can easilly voice act roles that usually only women or young (teenage or younger) males can voice. That being said, I’m trying to go into singing and work with what I have as best as I can. I would personally not have too much trouble, I don’t think, if I had a low tenor voice or maybe even high baritone voicing the things I want to voice and my range would cover more varied spectrum. I don’t see much point in singing super high notes, they don’t really sound good to me, just show-offy. I would LOVE to have a voice that could go high but still go deep or heavy. That’s why I’m unsure how I feel about my voice. As a high tenor, I feel we tenors are typically overrated. Still, I have yet to make use of the full potential of what I can do with my voice, so I’m not yet sure how to feel about my voice type.

  20. I am a deep bass. I, usually, sing parts an octave lower than they are written. I am fine with the vocal range I have.

  21. I am a baritone, When my voice began to change in puberty, my music teacher wanted me to sing tenor. I really wanted to sing bass, as my icons were bass singers. Now, 45 years later, I sing tenor whenever there is another strong bass singer. I enjoy the 4-part harmony the best.

  22. I hate being a really low bass. It ruined all the big dreams I had about singing certain roles. When my voice was changing, I thought I would stay a tenor, because I loved it. That didn’t happen.
    I should have realized the chances of having a different voice than my dad was about 15% or less.

  23. I’m fourteen years old and I can sing soprano, alto, high tenor. and low tenor……..I have about a three octave range.

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