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Your Favorite Songs to Include at the Reunion?

Photo by Brooks Brown – 30 years of music. A huge collection of songs and multiple artists. Wow – how do you choose a set list for the 30th Anniversary? One great blessing will be hearing various combinations of singers, who never officially sang together; we can group artists to perform together “live” for the very first time.

What songs are your all-time favorites by Acappella? What about Durant? The Vocal Union? AVB?  The Series? The videos of the Vocal Union  alumni singing togeher at Gary Miller’s celebration service were stunning. Which songs would sound good as  an “all-singers” choir? Which songs need unique combinations?  I really enjoyed the way Acappella interacted on “Everybody Said” last year with the Classic singers, in a quasi “battle of the bands” type round.  (The old guys were loud and the young guys were agile!)

What about going deep into the catalog to select songs like, “When God Ran?” and “The Rocking Song?” I can hear so many fascinating possibilities.

What songs would sound good with a full, live choir in support? (We Have Seen His Glory?) What about hearing Melissa and Kimberly sing Water From The Well as adults?  We’d love to hear your ideas as we plan to invite all the former members of AVB, Durant, The Vocal Union and Acappella for a ministry celebration like never before. Your input can help us decide the set list that will not be bound by particular previous combinations.

What songs do you think are the “must hear live” songs?

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15 Comments for “Your Favorite Songs to Include at the Reunion?”

  1. My kids favorite is “You can’t go to church” by AVB!

    Other than that, there are too many to count! “We Bow Down, A Cappella, John the Revelator, Let’s Get Together, Walkin’ that Line, Fullness of God, All Men will Know… :)

  2. “You Can’t Go To Church” is a must, because we “arrrre the church.” I enjoyed hearing Kevin Schaffer sing the signature song, “Walking That Line” when we traveled to South Africa. “All Men Will Know” has become a signature song of the current group. Thanks so much for your thoughts, Laura!

  3. Welll, I’ll skip the obvious and try to mention just a few. “Answer My Prayer” “Temptations of Christ” “Once in a Lifetime Love” “Army of the Lord” “Not My Will but Thine” I’ll stop myself there :) ….

  4. Michael Fancher

    3 days it’s long enough to hit the entire discography, right? 😉

  5. Abba, Father / Lead Me to Rest / Hush

  6. Hopefully Steve Reischl will finally make it to a reunion. If so, I would like to hear him sing “Father” with AVB and “Teaching the Truth in Love” with Acappella.

    I’ve never had the pleasure of hearing Rodney sing “While the Ages Roll On” live. That would be a treat.

    And my mother’s all-time favorite Acappella song is “More Than Conquerors,” so please sing that for her.

    Perhaps I should just send you a full set list. Ha.

  7. Anything from “Travelin’ Shoes” would be awesome! You just can’t top the original sounds that made Acappella who they were then. And because of who they were then they’ve become who they are today! Praise God for His work in you!

  8. I would love to hear just as i am w/steve r. & george p. alternating leads. I also loved humble thyself w/ dewey, mo, pendergrass, & rob. My 4 yr. old loves, loves, loves hush… he likes the one from live at paris, but i’m partial to the original. Anyway, it’ll be great either. May God continue to bless your work Keith

  9. Oh my…where do you start?.. my all time favorite is Hush w/Wayburn singing lead… We have seen his Glory, Jesus Knows, In the Garden (ive never had the pleasure of seeing Robert Guy), love the original lineup with Sweet Fellowship, would love to see all of the Basses do something together!!! LOL… Rodney,Duane, Robert, Gary, Wes…now that would be something!! Sure hope i can make it!!!

  10. Sorry…forgot tim storms, allen brantley, and ken mcalpin for the bass line up!

  11. Doyl L. Watson II

    “Rockin Song” [Christmas at Grandma’s?] “Travelin Shoes” “Everybody Praise the Name of Jesus” “A Very Special Time” “Shut De Door” “What was I supposed to be?” “Its Not Enough” [Black Gospel Version of ‘Acappella’?] – TOO many awesome songs to list…LoL

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