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Reversing The Decline #2

We’ve been considering the decline in the church per the article recently posted entitled Questioning The Decline. We have been receiving some very interesting blog comments exploring the potential causes and solutions. Before we delve into the complicated answers, why not consider the simple (and sometimes not so obvious) explanations.

One of the first comments on the original article came from Morrisa Watson Summers, who said, “As a nation and world, in general, people are moving more and more toward a self-centered view. If I believe that I am the center of my world and that I control my world, then who is there left to worship but myself?”

James Whitfield added, “At the risk of oversimplification, I think many churches have allowed their focus to move away from God and toward the churches, themselves. It is easy to become disenchanted with a church that is self absorbed.”

Tim M. makes the point that “worship begins with sacrifice and service.”

David continues this idea, offering, “It seems the primary philosophy that all generations have struggled with, even before the Church in Old Testament times is “What about me?”

In considering how to reverse the decline of the church, how much of the solution is tied to a transformation from selfish individuals and churches into ones adopting the “others-oriented,” selfless, mentality that Jesus modeled? If that happened, would the solutions be forthcoming?

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