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Nothing Like A Live Concert for Acappella’s 30th Anniversary

Photo by Randy Glover – There’s nothing that compares to a live concert. You have one more opportunity to hear Acappella along with CLASSIC in concert this year: On October 7, Acappella will be celebrating 30 years of ministry, as both groups combine on stage at Oklahoma Christian during their annual Lectureship gathering. Bring a bus load and join the fun!

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  1. Keith, we lived in Redlands, California from 1985 thru 1989. Acappella came to our church. (Th group you now cal The Classics) What a great concert we had. One of the guys was newly married. I don’t remember his name, but he and his bride stayed wih us. Maybe they remember us, because I had just won 2 tickets to Disneyland and I gave them the tickets to go to Disneyland. My question to you is, do you know who am talking about and do you know if he and his wife will be coming to Oklahoma Christian to be at the concert. We live in Norman, Ok, just south of Edmond and plan on coming to concert. Would love to see that couple again. Hope I get and answer from you. Maudie and Jimmie Martin

    • Maudie, A lot of singers joined us when they were single, and later became married. Do you remember the exact year? I’m glad you are coming to the concert!

      • Keith, thanks for getting back to me. It was 86 or 87. I guess Sunday night we could ask the classic group if they remember anyone giving them Disneyland tickets. We are friends with Bill Pink. Go to church together and he is the leader of our life group. We may all come as a life group outing to the concert. See you Sunday Night and are so excited to hear the classic part of the concert. The new group came to Alameda about a year ago. They were good, but not as good as you guys. Thanks again for getting back to me. Hope we can find who it was with this little bit of information. . Maudie

  2. Keith,

    I am the late Cecil Hook’s grandson. Thanks for giving your all for all of these years to the ministry. I grew up listening to you guys and those were and still are the best years of my life. If you see Duane, tell him hello! God bless you!

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