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Why I Wish Every Day Could Be Sunday

I’ll admit that the experience with my wonderful church family greatly influences my opinions. Today is only one example of why I wish every day could be Sunday.

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We ended our first service, began our second service and ended our second service with baptisms. As a worship planner, I have said many times that my favorite way to begin an assembly is with baptisms. Today was very moving as tearful fathers baptized their children. At the close of one service, a significant number of our college ministry gathered around the baptistry and burst into spontaneous celebratory singing. The spontaneous praise was refreshing.


Several people responded this morning during the call of invitation, but no one responded alone. What would normally be the loneliest experience is transformed when the responder goes forward – – not alone – – but with friends and family lovingly surrounding them. This is yet another tangible demonstration of God’s love in action.


Congregational singing should be about drawing every person into participation. From my vantage point, it sounded like every person added their voice to the vibrant praise this morning. Beginning with contemporary songs, we navigated through urban Gospel and moved into classical “high church” songs, both upbeat and meditative. My favorite moments were the times I discarded my microphone to bask in and be immersed by the collective, energetic harmonies of exuberant praise.

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Celebration and Passion

Our preacher, Mitch Wilburn, sets the tone in leading our assemblies to be unmistakable times of celebration. Although our assemblies are celebrations, we embrace worship through a wide range of emotions and moods. Mitch challenges and inspires us with the Gospel. His words are often bathed in tears, reminding us of the serious nature of our mission.

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The Church is Family

Although we don’t have enough space for our building to accommodate the entire church, I’m glad that our elders choose not to embark upon a major building project. They have chosen, instead, to direct the majority of our resources to ministry and missions. We will continue offering multiple services as we wear out the facilities we possess.

I’m so grateful that the acoustics are fabulous for singing, because tonight we’ll be enjoying an “all-singing” service, followed by a bar-be-que dinner. More singing – – more fellowship! And by the way, I just received word that we’re beginning tonight’s service with a baptism. It’s just another Sunday at Park Plaza.

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  1. Amen! But, we have 3 baptisms tonight! I love the Church at Park Plaza!

  2. Praise God for this! We had one baptism yesterday at the Central congregation in Belo Horizonte, one today and others are close to a decision. Praise our Lord and Savior!

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