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This month’s Single Of the Month is the song, “More” written by Gary Miller.  This version is a tribute song, performed by AVB alumni including: Aaron Herman, Luke Brown and current Vocal Union bass, Josh Harrison. Also, a choir of people was assembled to sing on this unique version of Gary Miller’s song.  I can […]

Honoring Gary Miller


Gary Miller was indeed, a true gift from God. I have never met anyone like him. My life was tremendously blessed through his friendship. His gentle spirit was such a close representation of Jesus, that it’s no wonder why so many people were touched by his special qualities. Our family could not help but love […]

A Band of Road Warriors


Wouldn’t you love to hear more Vocal Union stories about life on the road? Maybe some of the guys will share with us? I do know that, like their brother-group Acappella, they have a lot of “vehicle break-down” stories. Actually, some of those kinds of stories are still bad memories for me, as we were […]

Gary Miller Ministered through Music


Some are blessed to be great song writers. Others are skilled in technology and recording arts. There are vocalists who have beautiful voices and can bless people in concerts, while others can organize and lead groups. Gary was all of the above. For those of you who met him, what impressed you the most? His […]

Vocal Union at Acappella’s 20th Anniversary Concert


Here’s a shot of The Vocal Union opening the concert in Tulsa, OK, at Acappella’s 20th anniversary. Gary Miller, leader of VU is the second one from the left in a red shirt.

Studio Manager for Multiple Projects


Pictured: Gary Miner and Gary Miller.  Gary Miller was the studio manager during a very busy period of high production in The Acappella Company.  At one point, we rallied Studio A, B, C and D to work on albums simultaneously. Gary was especially excited about his work with the Acappella Children CDs. We were blessed […]

Vocal Union’s Heart-Warming Concerts


I always loved hearing Gary Miller emcee their concerts, as you never knew what he was going to say. One thing was certain, you knew that you’d be laughing about something during their concerts. He was the anchor and foundation of Vocal Union’s ministry. One moment would be light-hearted and fun, while the next emphasized […]

Gary Miller Singing in ACAPPELLA

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Pictured standing from left: Gary Moyers, Kevin Schaffer and Gary Miller. Kneeling: Steve Reischel  – Here’s the Acappella combination for which Gary Miller provided the bass foundation. Many people remember this combination singing, “Let there be peace around the world, let there be joy . . . ” I remember the Miller family joining us […]

Photo: Gary Miller at Home in the Studio

AcappellaNewAlbumJan 013

Gary Miller breathed music. Whether it was writing songs, playing music, attending live performances, recording and editing albums, discussing talent or singing on stage, Gary was all about music.  Here’s another photo of Gary in the Acappella studio in Paris, Tennessee, where he spent a lot of time finalizing products to minister to others. Which […]

The “Garys” of Acappella Ministries


Pictured from left: Gary Miner, Gary Moyers, Gary Miller, Gary Yeager and Gary Evans, Jr.  We have always been blessed with wonderful Garys in our ministry.  Here’s an “All-Gary” shot.


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