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Hitting a low B Flat


While visiting the Australia Zoo, we came across this camel. I think he’s a bass.

Keep Out De Devil


Taken around 25 years ago during the concert song, Shut De Do, Rodney Britt displays some dramatic expressions to accentuate the song’s message.  How many of you heard the song live when AVB was singing back up for Acappella?

Caution: Baby Rattler


In Clearwater, Florida, we found this warning sign on a cage.  “Caution: Baby Rattler.”

Singing All The Parts

DSC_7248 - Version 2

Photo by Randy Lamp – Although I have recorded several albums on which I sang all the parts, Acafest 2011 is the first time I tried to do this live. Randy Lamp is responsible for this photo.

Pendergrass Shakes a Leg

DSC_7523 - Version 2

Photo by Randy Lamp – You can be assured that when George Pendergrass leads singing, the tempo will not spiral into a lifeless dirge, but will take on a spirited drive.

Special ACAFEST Moments

IMG_5154 - Version 2

Photo by Shane Miller – Here is Wes McKinzie, belting out the bass part on the song, “King James.” Guess which fast food chain they stopped by before the concert?

Multi-Tasking Singer


This is a shot of Acappella CLASSIC singing in South Africa. Kevin Schaffer (with the camera) is taking pictures in the middle of the concert.  Talk about mult-tasking . . .

Shirts Powered by Batteries


“Four double A’s,” says Steve Diggs , the highly successful lecturer and Christian servant, known especially for his church seminars entitled, “No Debt, No Sweat.” Steve is an outstanding minister who travels constantly to minister to others. One of his trademarks is his very colorful shirts. We like to tell our friend that his shirts […]

Vehicle Messaging


Some people like to transform their vehicles into mobile billboards and messages. Here’s Roger Ferguson, standing beside a unique site near the Australia Zoo.

St. Patrick’s Day in Nashville


This fellow was really getting into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.


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