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Songleaders, How Mobile are You?


Photo by James Cryan – Songleaders, how important is mobility to you? Similar to speakers and preachers, some leaders move around quite a bit, while others remain stationary. What is your style? (This also relates to the choice of microphone question.)

Songleaders, Which Mic do You use?


Songleaders, what kind of microphone do you prefer? I have a very strong preference, and I’m curious about your choice and why? A. Podium microphone B. Lapel microphone C. Hand-held microphone D. No microphone

Poll: What City would you add?


Here’s a shot in Westminster, near the Parliament buildings, the clock tower and other famous landmarks in London. What major cities do you enjoy visiting? There are some outstanding cities that top my list for many different reasons. San Francisco has remained at the #1 slot of my all-time favorite cities for the longest time, […]

Poll: What “generic” name for soft drink?


While flying through Chicago’s O’hare airport, I found an article in the Tribune about the names we use for sodas.  It was even complete with a map, showing that different regions of the country use different names when referring to sodas.  Which one do you use? QuestionsView Results

Where are the trained worship leaders?


It did not take long after our full-time foray into congregational singing/worship workshops for us to discover the vast shortage of well-trained worship leaders.  It’s one thing for our workshops to facilitate a profound awareness of a congregation’s potential; and yet another for them to sustain their discovery.  There is a tremendous need for dedicated […]

A divisive issue: Sushi Anyone?

Here’s a photo I grabbed at Genki Sushi near Tokyo Station.  Notice the conveyor belt carrying the fresh sushi around the sushi bar. I already asked this question on my Facebook account and encountered very polarizing answers: Do you like sushi?  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground.  Take this poll with […]

Worship Poll: Top area to improve?


When it comes to worship, why not offer God our absolute best?  Yet, in far too many settings, worship is approached in a lifeless and half-hearted manner.  If you could choose (from the list) the top one area you’d like to see improved with your assembly experience, which one would be your top choice? QuestionsView […]

How friendly are drivers in your hometown?

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Poll: What’s your favorite season of the year?

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Poll: How important is the worship leader in setting the tone?

How important is the worship leader in setting the tone for the entire worship assembly? DiscussionsView Results


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