How Deep The Father’s Love For Us

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Photo by Brooks Brown – The Lancasters sing the powerful Stuart Townend song, “How Deep The Father’s Love” at Pepperdine University. To keep up with new videos, please subscribe to my youtube channel at

Northampton, England Praise & Harmony

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Paul Hill passionately delivers the good news on Sunday morning in Northampton, England. In a previous blog post, I pointed out how we enjoyed a seamless day of singing, fellowship, preaching, communion, fellowship meal, addtional singing and teaching over a period of almost five hours. Elder, Richard Sharpe, intentionally planned the day to be a […]

Devotional from Northampton, England


When is it time to sing? Listen to the words of 10,000 Reasons: “The sun comes up it’s a new day dawning, it’s time to sing your song again . . .” When is it time to sing? Whenever a new day begins! Today, we are privileged to spend a significant amount of time singing […]

Devotional from Scotland


Greetings from Scotland — a land of ancestry for many of us, including our religious heritage. Having friends all over the world, I wanted to share this devotional with all of you. I’ve always been intrigued by the way music can join us together; transcending distance and time. As spectacular as the universe is, we […]

My Dream for Sunday Mornings

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It has been my experience that many churches enjoy outstanding preaching while their singing and worship leaves much to be desired. Even though we prioritize, expect and reward quality preaching, our Sunday morning assemblies do not have to be an “either-or” proposition. After all, assemblies should be transforming encounters, as described in the book, “A […]

Five Point Plan for Singing and Worship Renewal


Restoration preachers were known for their five-point sermons. Whether the subject was salvation or worship, five points were chosen to simplify the message and help listeners remember. This week, I heard a five-point message presented in a political speech. Again, the intent was to simplify a complex message into meaningful, memorable talking points. I have assembled […]

Let Our Joys Be Known

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Photo by A’lana Cutshall – Can we sing and smile at the same time? The short answer? If we are happy about what we are singing, we surely can! If this is true, then why do I have such a difficult time in motivating song leaders to smile?  As song leaders “set the tone” in […]

True Worship: Experience or Encounter?


I took this photo of the sign that’s posted at the “Four Corners,” a point where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico all border. In fact, I stood in four states at the same time! The terrain around the Four Corners is breath-taking. On Google+, I came across this article by Timothy Willard and Jason […]

Discussion Question on “Poured Out”

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Discussion Questions: Why are many Christians prone to object to the worship of others when it is “different” than their own, even if God is pleased? What should our reaction be when our pure, heart-felt worship offends others?

Worship Is A Natural Reaction To Being In God’s Presence

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Sermon Lesson #5: Worship is a natural reaction to being in God’s presence. Mary could not be contained. The people on the side of the road could not be contained or the rocks would cry out.  Is our worship a check list “routine,” or is it a natural outpouring of our hearts in the presence […]


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