Discussion Question on “Poured Out”

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Discussion Questions: Why are many Christians prone to object to the worship of others when it is “different” than their own, even if God is pleased? What should our reaction be when our pure, heart-felt worship offends others?

Worship Is A Natural Reaction To Being In God’s Presence

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Sermon Lesson #5: Worship is a natural reaction to being in God’s presence. Mary could not be contained. The people on the side of the road could not be contained or the rocks would cry out.  Is our worship a check list “routine,” or is it a natural outpouring of our hearts in the presence […]

Worship Is A Pouring Out Of The Heart


Sermon Lesson #4: Worship is a pouring out of the heart. Which is why worship cannot be held back!

Worship May Be Objectionable To Others


Sermon Lesson #3: Worship may be objectionable to others. People objected to those instances in John 12 and people will object today. People who believe in the Christ will NOT be held back. In the presence of God, there will be worship!

Worship Doesn’t Always Look The Same


Sermon Lesson #2: Worship doesn’t always look the same. The two instances in John 12:1-13 look different from our common practice of worship.

Worship Can Take Place Anywhere


Sermon Lesson #1: Worship can take place anywhere. As Jesus told the woman in John 4 how worship is no longer limited to “one” place (a physical temple) or time; rather it’s a spiritual plane.  Worship is a life experience.

Worship Sermon: “Poured Out” by Daryl Hayes


This was the message presented during a Praise & Harmony Weekend at the Adams Blvd. Church You can hear the sermon at this link: http://www.adamsblvd.org/sermons/20110403.mp3 Read the accounts in John 12:1-13


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